Solution Provider Tackles Clients' Communication Challenges With New Workshop

Communication problems can have far-reaching implications inside the business world. That's why solution provider Valeh Nazemoff is leading a Communication Transformation business workshop.

Communication misfires are at the heart of many conflicts and can really throw a wrench in even the best laid plans. That's why solution provider Acolyst next week is holding a Communication Transformation business workshop, led by Acolyst Executive Vice President and bestselling author Valeh Nazemoff.

Nazemoff is an accomplished business advisor, author, and professor whose passion for organizational behavior and analytics led her to pursue neuroscience and psychology studies. She has leveraged this background to help vendors and solution providers change up their company's dynamics. This month, Nazemoff is holding a private event for IT executives looking to improve their communication styles for better business outcomes.

The intensive Communications Transformation workshop is being held Oct.24-26 at the Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City, Maryland.

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Data management and business performance consulting firm Acolyst, Selbyville, Del., was founded by Nazemoff's own mother, current CEO Ellie Nazemoff. The mother-daughter duo has helped a number of large IT providers, solution provider organizations, and government clients become more efficient and reach higher levels of organizational performance through its copyrighted four-point methodology and framework. Using the methodology and framework, Acolyst helps executives put business strategies together to take back to their companies.    

The upcoming workshop came about when Nazemoff noticed a disconnect within most businesses when talking about what to do, but not necessarily talking about how to do it, she said.

"We all know what the problems are, and we talk about them all the time," she said. "When I look at all the dynamics that occur within business and partnerships, there's too much focus on building a pipeline and pressure on sales without the proper preparation for it. There's not much focus on the importance of efficiency and impactful communications."

Communication problems are evident in the channel, especially between vendors, distributors, and partners, Nazemoff said. Issues between these companies usually center on incentives, and business goals and objectives not being heard.

"There are vendors who don't have the right partner program for all of their partners, or, partners are pressured to meet certain goals, but these goals might not align with the partner's business model," she explained. "What happens when partners don’t meet the goals of vendors? They change the program, but they don’t really listen and they think it's all about margins or incentives. That isn't always going to solve it."

The upcoming workshop will "grab people by the hands and dive in" to effective communication and planning techniques, she said. At the workshop, the intimate group of attendees will be exposed to topics such as how to break the ice, healthy communication skills, the power of communications in business, and communication management. These topics, among others, will be covered through a mix of coaching, brainstorming sessions, and group activities, such as role playing and even dancing, Nazemoff said.

Nazemoff blends neuroscience, psychology, and analytics to arm executives with various techniques to help build clarity and mindfulness needed to overcome common communications issues, such as judgement and fear, she said. The workshop urges attendees to "unplug" and be willing to participate in all activities with positive intentions.


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