Soar Higher In IT With These In-Demand Skills

Easy ways to gain the skills you’ll need to advance and succeed in the digital, AI-driven economy.





The skills you use today aren’t necessarily the ones that you’ll need to move your technology career ahead. Fast-paced innovation is driving the need for a new skill set that includes an eclectic mix of capabilities, and you need to be prepared.

We’ve already seen massive changes in the digitization of workflows requiring technology leaders to adapt to new working styles. The coronavirus demanded a hairpin turn into remote operations that caused tech leaders to scramble to deploy cloud-based collaboration tools and adjust to a new form of digital leadership.

The lessons from coronavirus are clear: change and disruption are our new normal.  As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, advancing in the tech sector will require a combination of hard and soft skills so leaders can:

  • Acquire new knowledge and skills quickly
  • Adapt to changes with agility
  • Build networks and influence digitally
  • Lead people with flexibility and empathy

With change comes opportunity because, as of the writing of this article, 69 percent of employers are reportedly struggling with a talent shortage and 44 percent of executives say workers lack the soft skills needed to help businesses succeed. There are many in-demand tech skills that can advance your career.

Prioritize Your Creativity

A total of 52 percent of women look to acquire soft skills like public speaking and networking. LinkedIn ranks creativity as the most in-demand soft skill for 2020, followed by persuasion, collaboration and adaptability. Employers want workers with the ability to think outside the box, gain stakeholder approval and adapt in the face of change.

Added to the list this year is emotional intelligence, the ability to respond and interact with colleagues on an emotional level. Considering the way 2020 started, compassion will be a critical leadership skill. Nearly 90 percent of executives say apprenticeships and training can close the soft skills gap. To develop your soft skills, check out the Coursera class on Creative Problem Solving, or LinkedIn Learning’s track on professional soft skills development.

Advance Your AI Understanding

Twenty-nine percent of women noted that they want to learn new coding or programming skills, such as Python. However, machine learning skills are also highly in demand. Artificial intelligence specialist is rated as the top job in 2020 by LinkedIn, followed by robotics engineer, data scientist and full-stack engineer. As we advance autonomous technologies that blur the lines between the physical, digital and biological worlds, skills tied to AI, machine learning and robotics will be required. Even more so since autonomous systems, from cars to infrastructure, are key drivers to modernization across all industry sectors. To advance your AI skills, check out this free machine learning crash course from Google or this free machine learning course from Coursera.  To advance your data science and programming skills, Udacity is offering free access for 30 days to help IT pros make the most of their quarantine. And for marketing pros looking to leverage AI to your campaign advantage, check out this free HubSpot course on the AI trends impacting the marketing technology stack.

As innovation continues to disrupt the tech sector, those workers with robust skill sets will be the ones who ultimately survive—and thrive—in the face of uncertainty and change. Learning to close your skills gap has never been easier due to the availability of online courses and training that can help you take your career to new heights.



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