Debbie Dove Larson, VP of Sales North Central Region at Sirius Computer Systems, encouraged young women attending the WOTC 2017 Career Pursuits Workshop to make personal connections and don't always stay tied to devices. 

The event provided advice and mentorship for STEM-focused high school and college students. Larson took time after her speech to engage with the young female tech-hopefuls and teach them some of the key things she's learned in her career of 20-plus years.

"One of the most important things I've ever learned is called M-B-W-A ... which means, management by walking around," said Larson.

She urged students to keep in perspective their heavy use of cell phones, laptops and tablets. Though a bit ironic, she said that even in the technology industry, it's important to be conscious of how much it negatively detracts from our engagement with colleagues.

"If you don't have relationships with people and you don't get around the office to see and understand what's happening, you won't achieve the goals you set for yourself," said Larson.

She told the group that even though many people have the ability to work remotely, it can......


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