"I really feel as though the premise of the company speaks to any audience. It's about what it really means to be successful," said Alexa Fleur, VP of Human Centered Design at CritiqueIt Inc.

Fleur's company makes an annotation technology that allows users to give feedback on a wide range of projects and content. Through the platform, users can annotate just about anything, including documents, images, videos, presentations and even audio files.

To keep the company going, Fleur also had to take advice and process feedback.

"We were about $25,000 short when we went to meet with this particular investor. I'll never forget it. I don't know exactly what motivated me to do it, but it just felt right, so I asked him for his advice and feedback, and fifteen minutes of his time," said Fleur.

She explained that he had extremely valuable information to share about what to do to better tailor their pitch to investors, among other things.

"I think he could see that we just had an openness and willingness to learn, and that is really what made all the difference," she said.

Fleur said she knows the importance of feedback and said that ability to......


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