Mind The Gap: Execs Say Gender Gap In IT Is Closing, But Work Isn't Done Yet

The gender gap within the IT industry is narrowing. Women of the Channel executives say that mentoring, creating a personal brand, and promoting a flexible office environment will help close the gap for good.

The technology industry is making strides toward narrowing the gender gap and promoting greater diversity within the once male-dominated IT industry, but the work is far from over.

The numbers are, in part, encouraging. According to a poll of 100 female executives leading up to The Channel Company's recent Women of the Channel West event in Napa, Calif., there is still a gap in how women view their working environments. The research found that 75 percent of women in management positions believe they are treated equal to males on the management team, and 77 percent reported experiencing no hindrance related to their gender.

At the same time, however, 77 percent of women in non-management roles still believe their male counterparts are being paid more and 82 percent of these respondents think that women are held to higher standards than male co-workers......


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