Whitman Takes Center Stage

In an interview with Channel Company CEO Bob Faletra on stage at the 2017 Best of Breed Conference in Atlanta Monday, Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman tackled questions ranging from the impact of the company's HPE Next restructuring to that state of its relationship with VMware since the Dell acquisition to what her next career move might be after HPE.

"We're going to reward, from a compensation perspective, we're going to incentivize our team to be more about value and more about growth," Whitman said of the changes coming to field compensation next month.

Whitman also talked about the co-opetition HPE sees in the market now with sometimes-competitors, sometimes-partners such as Microsoft and Dell Technologies/VMware.

"As workloads move to Azure, maybe that hurts us, but as workloads move to Azure Stack, that helps us," Whitman said. "In the end, our relationship with Microsoft and VMware at the core is very strong. It has to be because we have to do what's right for the customers."

The interview, which also included questions from solution providers in the audience, also touched on whether Whitman......


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