Greta Van Susteren On Social Media, Sexual Harassment, And Helping Women Reach Their Full Potential

Former news anchor and commentator Greta Van Susteren shared her take on the biggest issues making headlines today, and stressed the importance of helping other women succeed in a keynote speech at The Channel Company's Women Of The Channel event in New York City.

For The Record  

Greta Van Susteren has had an impressive career in the news industry as a current commentator and former television anchor for CNN, Fox News, and NBC News. She has traveled the world, interviewing prominent politicians and world leaders, former presidents, and celebrities.  

At The Channel Company's Women Of The Channel event in New York City, Van Susteren shared some behind-the-scenes stories of the women she's encountered and helped throughout her career. She also shared her thoughts on some of the biggest issues making headlines today, including sexual harassment and the dissemination of false content on social media.

Here are excerpts from Van Susteren's closing keynote on Tuesday evening.


On Kicking Her Assistants Out Of The Nest

Van Susteren warns each assistant she's ever had that she's "awful" to work for. She despises dropped calls and mistakes, and doesn't allow for much room for error or surprises in her life. She also has the incoming assistant meet with the outgoing assistant to get a full run-down of the job so they know exactly what they are walking into. But she also asks her new......


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