Get Witty With IT: Women Talk Tech Episode 6

Our panel's perspective on the eye-opening number of women leaving the workforce and a lesser talked about topic -- women leading the workforce. 


A plethora of data sources confirm women are bearing the brunt of the current economic recession—namely the September 2020 jobs report that shows 856,000 women dropped out of the labor force compared to 216,000 men. That's four times as many women. One in four women are considering reducing work hours – moving to part-time roles or taking less demanding jobs.

This is remarkable  -- experts saying we have never seen numbers like this, and if we had a panic button, we would be hitting it now. 

In this episode, we get our panel's perspective on what this could mean for the future of our industry. 

  • Dawn Sizer, Founder and CEO, 3rd Element Consulting  
  • Tanaz Choudhury, President, Tanches Global Management
  • Allison Cohen, Event Director, The Channel Company

We tackle:

  • How women leaving the industry could affect the pay gap.
  • What employers will be looking for, if you have to cut back.
  • Running a successful channel business during a pandemic - from two women doing it. 
  • Coping mechanisms for burnout.
  • A new initiative from the Women of the Channel community to bring female leaders together.


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