Get Witty With IT: Women Talk Tech Episode 5 - The CIO Perspective

A powerhouse panel tackles newsworthy topics of the week -- including evolving tech needs in a post-pandemic world, food automation and how to combat the gender wage gap. 


"Get Witty With IT: Women Talk Tech" is a podcast designed by women in the IT channel for women in the IT channel. Every show, we cover a handful of newsworthy topics and have our panel weigh in.

This episode, we get the CIO perspective -- helping you understand the new and evolving technology needs your end users have (during and post-Covid) and what you need to do to beat out the competition for their business. 

Our powerhouse panel includes:

  • Terry Brown-Walker, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Summerwood Corporation
  • Juliette Samson, CIO and Head of Supply Chain, World Finer Foods
  • Mary Wyderski, CIO, Network Services Company

We tackle three main topics -- based on timely articles -- affecting solution provider businesses:

  1. how your customers' tech needs are evolving -- what tech they have already installed and are looking to install
  2. the food automation market and unique solutions customers are looking for from solution providers
  3. what we should be doing to combat the gender wage gap


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