Get Witty With IT: Women Talk Tech Episode 3 – Leverage Work-From-Home Culture

A powerhouse panel of female solution providers tackle newsworthy topics of the week including how telecommunting is igniting creativity, validating digital transformation and making hard-to-reach stakeholders suddenly available. 



"Get Witty With IT: Women Talk Tech" is a podcast designed by women in the IT channel for women in the IT channel. Every show, we’ll be covering a handful of newsworthy topics and having our panel weigh in.

It’s a breath of fresh air. These women leaders are here to tell you the positives of our new, virtual world and what you should be doing to move your business forward. It starts with picking up the phone and ends with adding new products to your line card. 

This episode's powerhouse panel includes:

  • Kathryn Koning, CEO, SurferQuest
  • Michele Piazza, Founder and Principal, MP Global Ventures
  • Kelly Sutton, VP Service Delivery, Peak UpTime
  • Annie Brock, VP Managed Services, DataBank

We tackle three main topics -- based on timely articles -- affecting solution provider businesses:

  1. The fallacy of the "ideal worker"
  2. Igniting the creative spark, while everyone works at home
  3. CEOs have their heads in the cloud around COVID-19


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