Get Witty With IT: Women Talk Tech – Episode 2

A powerhouse panel of female solution providers tackle newsworthy topics of the week including crisis leadership tactics, the “new normal”, draining Zoom calls and unique approaches to quarantine fun. 


"Get Witty With IT: Women Talk Tech" is a podcast designed by women in the IT channel for women in the IT channel. Every show, we’ll be covering a handful of newsworthy topics and having our panel weigh in.

We’ve tackled working from home, but what’s next? These women are making tough calls and talking candidly about stimulus money, layoffs and the tricky timing of going back to the office. Also, how “holding” has become the leadership approach of 2020. 

This episode's powerhouse panel includes:

  • Samara Halterman, VP of Marketing, Groupware Technology 
  • Donna Leonardo, VP of Sales and Business Development, Future Tech Enterprise  
  • Julie Haley, Chief Executive Officer, Edge Solutions  
  • Heather Gonzalez, VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Technologent 

We tackle four main topics -- based on timely articles -- affecting solution provider businesses:

  1. The psychology behind effective crisis leadership
  2. COVID-19 and the "new normal"
  3. The reason Zoom calls drain your energy
  4. Unique approaches to quarantine fun





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