Entisys360 CFO Elizabeth 'Bets' Strohl Retires After Remarkable 50-Year Technology Career

A computer programmer and among the first female vice presidents at Bank of America in the 1970s, Strohl tells CRN she is now focusing on encouraging young women to get involved in math and science.

In the 1960s, Elizabeth "Bets" Strohl was a young widow, working as a lab technician in California, and she was heartbroken.

"I was married when I was 20 years old," she told CRN. "My first husband passed away from cancer at a very young age, and I was very devastated. I was talking to some friends one day and this guy said, 'Why don’t you try programming?' And I didn’t even know what he meant -- I was so uneducated about the subject. I thought he was talking about radio programming."

Her coming technology career would span more than 50 years and include some of the earliest forms of computer coding, pioneering leadership roles at one of the nation's largest banks, and helping to create a company from scratch that continues to grow today.

Strohl retired last week as CFO of Concord, Calif.-based solution provider Entisys360, the company -- then known as Entisys Solutions -- she co-founded with her husband, George Strohl, in 1988. George Strohl passed away six years later.

"I have always been in some kind of IT," the 78-year-old said during an interview with CRN. "Ever since 1966, when I went to work for Bank of America. It's been an interesting career......


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