Setting yourself apart in the market requires more than just being better than the competition, it’s about being different. That's the message from author, branding expert, and motivational speaker Denise Lee Yohn, who said that finding that thing that makes you or your company stand out is the real key to success. 

During her keynote at XChange 2017 in Orlando, Fla., Yohn walked the audience through her approach to success, which included seven key principles for brand-building.

"When you build a brand, I think the most important step is starting inside, starting with yourself. Begin with your purpose and what your values are, and make sure you are very clear about them, and see if they are things that differentiate you from everyone else,” said Yohn.

She explained that though many companies and individuals she works with are ultimately aiming to sell a product, success is found by relating to your audience on an emotional level and being authentic in your beliefs.

"People are going to respond more to what you stand for, why you exist, and what you value just as much as they are going to respond to the actual thing you are selling,” said Yohn...


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