CRN Interview: Schneider Electric Exec Talks Midmarket IoT Opportunities For Partners

Gina Elliott, product marketing manager for high performance buildings, speaks with CRN about how partners can leverage Schneider Electric's midmarket offerings, which are built for small buildings to meet their specific needs.

Midmarket Opportunities

Gina Elliott, product marketing manager for high performance buildings at Schneider Electric, has an extensive background in smart buildings and midmarket solutions. 

Elliott, who has been at Schneider Electric for three years, has been working with the company's partner ecosystem as partners try to navigate the opportunities in the smart building space and the Internet of Things.

Following are excerpts from CRN's conversation with Elliott.

Talk about your background working as the director of strategic business development at Smart Buildings before coming to Schneider Electric. How has this helped what you're trying to do at Schneider Electric?

I have worked for a consulting engineering firm, specializing in integrated building systems such as mechanical, electrical, IT and financial systems. So I came to work with Schneider Electric about three years ago, and have predominantly been working on the light commercial offerings in that market. I'm one of those few people that understands both the IT and building sides of things, and that's a rare thing in this industry. Those two areas have very different......


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