Body Language Expert On The Silent Language of Leaders

Linda Clemons, body language expert and CEO of Sisterpreneur, says it’s a good idea to go into a meeting before it starts and start greeting people. ‘You never know who the stakeholders are,’ she says.

Communication is so much more than words, said Linda Clemons, CEO of Indianapolis-based Sisterpreneur, who has been showing people how to succeed in sales and take advantage of nonverbal communications for over 40 years.

Clemons, a body language expert trained and certified in analytics interviewing and statement analysis, has a client list that list includes Southwest Airlines, the National Urban League, Nestle, MGM, Major League Baseball, Wells Fargo and the FBI. She used her keynote presentation at the XChange+ Virtual Experience event to show how important it is to take advantage of body language to engage an audience, whether it is team members or sales prospects.


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