Intel handed out promotions to three top executives on Tuesday, including a channel veteran who became the head of the company's Sales and Marketing Group last year.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company promoted Michelle Johnston Holthaus, the company's general manager of the Sales and Marketing group who had previously served in various channel roles. Her title was upgraded to senior vice president from corporate vice president.

"She's about as good as you get for an executive," said Wallace Santos, CEO of Intel partner Maingear, who found Holthaus to be helpful in his past interactions with her.

Holthaus also serves as Intel's interim chief marketing officer, a role she took over from Steve Fund, who was moved into a "special projects" leadership position earlier this year. Before she took over as the head of Intel's Sales and Marketing Group, Holthaus was the general manager of channel for Central Marketing and Operations, where she led channel efforts for Intel's Client Computing Group.

The company also promoted Dan McNamara, head of Intel's Programmable Solutions Group, and Allon Stabinsky, chief deputy general counsel of Intel's Law and Policy......


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