In celebration of World Emoji Day Monday, Apple released a preview of new emoji coming later this year when it updates its operating systems, including a few that might be of particular interest to women.

One emoji, dubbed "Woman With Headscarf" on Apple's web site, appears to be a nod to the Muslim community, particularly women who wear hijabs. It depicts a woman with a purple scarf wrapped around her face covering her hair. (Insert applause emoji here in support of diversity!)

Another Apple called "Breastfeeding" shows a woman smiling down at a swaddled baby held to her chest, with her shirt collar pulled aside. I could have used this myself a few years ago, but alas, my little ones are both past that stage.

apple breastfeeding emoji

Apple also showed off new zombie, elf and genie emoji, available as both females and males. (Text message from colleague: "How'd the meeting go?" Me: <female zombie emoji>)

The new set of emoji, coming to Apple's iOS, macOS and watchOS operating systems, also includes "Bearded Person" (a man with a beard), Zebra, T-Rex, Sandwich and Coconut, among others.

The Unicode Consortium and the device makers that comprise the non-profit organization that standardizes emoji have been moving steadily to incorporate more diversity into the world's text messages.

For World Emoji Day last year, Google developers showed off a set of proposed emoji that depicted women (and men) in a variety of professions ranging from chef to welder to scientist. The Unicode Consortium approved the majority of the proposed emoji and also added female versions of emoji that up to that point had existed only as males, such as police officers and runners. Apple incorporated those emoji with its 10.2 iOS update last year.