5 Secrets Every Woman in Tech Should Know

The inside scoop on how to rise to the top of your IT career. 

The technology space is intimidating, but stepping outside of your comfort zone is also empowering and a savvy career move. Director of marking and partner development at TekLinks Haley Montgomery has learned this first hand. She made the switch to tech in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since she took the leap.

She is sharing her five secrets to successfully kick starting and maintaining a career in tech.

1.     Ask Questions

Montgomery transitioned to technology from a nonprofit organization in the healthcare vertical, so she was unclear how to navigate the new territory, at first. “I felt like maybe I should know this already, but then I thought this is a completely different industry than I’ve ever been in before. You gain the knowledge by asking questions and learning as much as you can.”

2.     Have Confidence

The marketing director may have been new to tech, but she was confident in the marketing knowledge she brought from her previous role. “Marketing was the part I knew very well. Focusing on how you can add value and how you can work with everyone is probably the biggest thing that helped me,” says Montgomery.

3.     Learn From Others

Montgomery says other experts in the industry are your best asset to overcoming the learning curve that comes with entering the field of tech. “Learning from other people and seeing how you can add value is crucial. Once you do that, I think everybody’s on board with what you want to do, because you’re adding value to what they’re trying to do and what the company is trying to do.”

4.     Find Other Females

Montgomery recommends seeking a mentor or mentee you can relate to and learn from or teach.  “It’s always helpful, because it’s someone in that same industry. They’ve been in your shoes,” she says. Montgomery utilizes events such as Women of the Channel.  “You learn from how other women cope and have done things as well.”  

Stay tuned for more success tips from Montgomery such as how to avoid simple marketing mistakes that cost business a lot.

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