3 Ways To Become Your Own Champion

The biggest factor holding women back from achieving our goals in the workplace is ourselves.


Many people know how it feels to be passed up for a promotion or similar opportunity at work. Likely, even more people know what it’s like to become overwhelmed by your job, working long hours just to meet deadlines. You feel deflated, underappreciated and run down. But thanks to research and some incredible women who blazed the trail for us, there are ways to help yourself get out of this rut.   


The Power Of Saying “No”

Almost twice as many women than men feel exhausted at work. Women not only aim to please, but we also want to be seen as hard workers. But taking on too much can drag us down and prevent us from succeeding in our jobs. Your electronics can’t perform at their best on low battery, and neither can you. Get comfortable with saying “no.”


Help Yourself; Ask For Help

We often see asking for help as a sign of weakness, as if not being able to get the job done by ourselves is something to be ashamed of. However, so many success stories have started with a request similar to, “Can I ask you for a favor?” Just ask makeup mogul Bobbi Brown, creator of the uber successful cosmetics line of the same name. Brown spoke during a Q&A interview at the Women of The Channel Leadership Summit recently, where she detailed her rise to fame, fortune and success as a beauty impactor. Every single one of Brown’s opportunities to make, sell and promote her cosmetics line were LITERALLY chance encounters in which she seized the opportunity by asking for help. So, the next time you feel bad about asking for help at work, remember how rewarding (and dare I say, fabulous) the outcome could be thanks to a little assistance.


Take Credit When Credit Is Due

In the past, I’ve had a habit of letting my work speak for itself, instead of drawing attention to my contributions in the company’s success. Sound familiar? You might be surprised to know that keeping your head down and working hard isn’t as beneficial to your career as self-promotion. Author and leadership expert Val Wright often speaks publicly on the value of “demonstrating your brilliance.” This means taking care to make sure your boss and managers know the important value your work brings to your team or business.

According to Harvard Business Review Research, “those of us who do more self-promotion may have better chances of being hired, being promoted and getting a raise or a bonus.” However, women are statistically worse at drawing positive attention to our work. In fact, men rate their performances 33 percent higher than women do, even though they did the exact same quality of work on a task.


In Conclusion, Speak Up!

All of this ultimately boils down to one thing you can do to achieve your work goals: speak up. If you want that promotion or raise, ask for it. If you need help on that project to get it done on time, ask for it. If you’re being overworked, say no before your tasks bury you. No one is going to stand up for you better than you. When it comes to achieving your goals and balancing your life, be your own champion.


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