That channel partner, CB Technologies' Kelly Ireland, joined Greenqloud's board of directors to help it better understand the U.S. market, and after the acquisition signed here company up as a NetApp solution provider to expand its business.

Advanced Onion is a one of our federal partners that focuses on prime or subcontract contracts mostly on the west coast of the US.  They have been strong in bringing technology solutions to their c

"My strategy is to have a strong year and keep my partners engaged. We are 100 percent focused on our channel," said Ruckus' new channel leader Raelyn Kritzer.

Raelyn Kritzer will take the partner reins at Ruckus ahead of its acquisition by Arris and tells CRN her priority is to recognize and reward loyal partners.

Adsevero is a 30-year veteran technology VAR that appreciates what we do as a manufacturer.

Taylor Castranova, Nitel's new vice president of channel sales and account development, speaks with CRN about the importance of customer service, her plans to build out an account management team, and why partners should get to know Nitel.

As D&H approaches the 100-year anniversary, the IT products supplier is helping SMBs provide cloud services, stay competitive and make marketing a part of their distribution strategy.

Earlier this summer, Lisa McLin took the top job running alliances for the managed cloud company, both with cloud giants and its own channel partners. She's also mentoring the next wave of women to ascend the corporate ranks.

Meet the Woman of the Day for September 5, 2017 - VP of international operations & business development at the Technology Integration Group.

Meet the Woman of the Day for August 31, 2017 - Anne Wilcox, SVP of marketing at PCM.