We all do it, every day. Some of us do it for most of each day. We do it at home, at school, at work, at ball games and at the movies...

Gratitude isn't just another word for positivity. And to mistake it for that can undermine the very benefits of gratitude that you keep hearing about.

Knowing how to start fruitful conversations is a key skill for career success.

Many of us are running from meeting to meeting…from the office to the grocery store….from the airport directly to the soccer field to catch a few precious minutes of at least one of your kid’s games this season. We are exhausted and most days we can’t think straight or feel we have much left to give. WE try to manage it all…because…as we look around…everyone else seems to be able to do it…why not me?? Well…truth is…everyone has the same…but different struggles.

As a beloved daughter, friend & sister to many working moms, I see the guilt these strong women have to be the best mom and have the amazing careers. Although I do not share the same responsibilities, I was raised from the same era where mom's stayed home and dad's worked. Is there a balance out there for the working moms?

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We've all fallen subject to the wiles of the red eye: A torture device disguised as low airline fares and "a whole extra day not spent on travel!" It is one of life's dreaded guarantees, like death, taxes, and Game of Thrones spoilers.

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