What will you do this holiday season to make gratitude part of your traditions?

Yes! Confirmed. I had to read this, though you would enjoy this too.

Learning to take care of yourself –  in body, mind and spirit – is a practice like any other, one that requires you to show up!

Some days we do not even realize that what we did touched another when they needed it most.

A combination of simple stretches, proper alignment and mindful breathing will energize your body and mind.

McQuiston says that embracing change and focusing on making others successful have been crucial to advancing her career.

After years of uncomfortable interactions at the world's largest hacker gathering, these women are making their own opportunities.

Each and every day we must strive to be the best version of ourselves we can be. The choices we make on a daily basis affect our overall wellbeing––mindset, physical body and spirit. How we respond to the challenges we face and the successes we have impacts our happiness. What fills your heart and makes you truly happy?

This is the money quote: "It makes you feel better, bringing a baby girl into the world, knowing there are women like her willing to step up like that."